At a glance

We are part of Capita plc, a UK leader in technology-enabled business process management and outsourcing solutions, and we have recently made it on to the Forbes Top 100 innovative companies list.

Capita Employee Benefits was formed in 2012, bringing together Bluefin Corporate Consulting and Capita Hartshead, who were already leading providers of pensions administration, employee benefits consultancy and cutting-edge technology.

Capita Employee Benefits is now one of the largest employee benefits consultancies in the UK, a multi award-winning organisation servicing over 1,600 clients and more than 4 million company employees and pension scheme members. We employ over 2,400 members of staff across 13 offices.

Using technology, insight and analytics to underpin everything we do, we work across the private and public sectors, playing a vital role in helping our clients deliver modern services efficiently, effectively and to a high standard.

We use innovative, often unique, IT and software platforms, together with a thorough understanding of excellent, accessible customer services to help deliver the best experience possible for our customers.

In the last month, there were over 1.9 million page views on our own pension and benefits portal, Orbit.

We have helped 600 schemes in analysing their data and certifying their arrangements.

Awards and clients

We have won many industry awards, but we don't measure our success by numbers or awards; we believe it is the close relationships and trust we build that helps us to deliver real value for our clients.

We support clients across a range of sectors, including local government, central government, education, transport, health, life and pensions, insurance, and other private sector organisations.

Policies and principles

We have a number of group policies and procedures in place, which set out how we do business, engage with clients and manage our relationships with customers, suppliers and third parties. These are embedded in our business processes and ways of working.

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Our people

Using our resources and knowledge of pensions and benefits, we will provide the best possible team of professionals dedicated to your needs. We will ensure that you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, working for you. 

Our personal approach means that we will work closely with you to define your requirements, and those of your customers, and to develop a customised service from across our full range of business solutions and services.

Our management team is responsible for the strategic direction and development of Capita Employee Benefits, and with experience across diverse sectors and expertise in the industry they are well positioned to lead and grow the business.

Our services

We have built our reputation as a credible, highly effective and trusted partner delivering valuable pensions and benefits services to you, and we leverage the latest technologies to continue creating more efficiency for you and your customers.

We offer our clients holistic solutions, from basic pensions administration services through to full actuarial and investment consulting services and employee benefits and reward consulting (incorporating DC solutions, employee communications, health management, risk benefits and flexible benefits).

The delivery of many of these services is enhanced by our own technology solutions.

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